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List of Frank Lloyd Wright homes I have been associated with :

Fallingwater in Bear Run, PA

Schwartz House in Two Rivers, WI

Ross House Glencoe, IL

Kiel House in Glencoe, IL

Kissum House in Glencoe, IL

Jacobs I in Madison, WI

Auldbrass Plantation in Yemasee, SC

Willey House in Minneapolis, MN

Neils House in Minneapolis, MN

Teater's Knoll,Boise, ID

Hanna House, Palo Atlo, CA

Manson House , Wausau, WI

Brigham House, Glecoe IL

Tani Deri, Spring Green WI

Unity Chape, Spring Green WI

Taliesin, Spring Green Wi

Laurent house, Rockford IL

Booth House, Glencoe Il

Balch house, Oak Park IL.

 Frederick House, Barrington IL


My name is Jonathan P. Leck, and I am the designer of all of the JPLeck Design Originals found on this website.

I am very proud to have been honored by the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy and was awarded the 2023 Wright Spirit Award in technical services.

This award recognizes the extraordinary individuals and organizations that have preserved the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wrights through their tireless and persistent efforts. It is the highest accolade bestowed by the FllWright conservancy, who's mission is to facilitate the preservation and stewardship of the remaining built works designed by Frank Lloyd Wright through advocacy, education and technical services.

 Many years ago I earned a Bachelor of Science in Art degree from the University of Wisconsin/Madison focusing on 2d and 3d design. At that time I became involved in and completed the careful historic restoration of the Architect Frank Lloyd Wright's first Usonian house outside of Madison. This home was built for a Madison Times reporter Herbert Jacobs in 1936 and was being restored by my art history professor. From there I seemingly developed a niche in the restoration/preservation of FLLW homes.

I went on to work on many of Mr. Wright's buildings all over the United States, including Three UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

The challenging aspect of  all these commissions has been the uniqueness of the interiors and the lack of appropriate furnishings available in the US market. While working on these inspiring architectural buildings I started building high quality custom furniture and lighting to accent these homes interiors. Because of the unique design and grammar of Mr. Wright’s environments it became apparent that some objects needed to be produced for these interiors as well as other spaces that required a specific vocabulary of design. This is where the product began and has turned into a line of lamps, furniture and other accessories design specific to fit into discriminating modern interiors.

My designs/creations are inspired by the likes of many Architects including; Frank Lloyd Wright, Rudolf Schindler, Ralph Rapson, John Howe, Eliel Sarinaan, Walter Burley Griffin as well as many other artistic movements and styles. I provide finely crafted, high quality, heirloom furniture and unique lighting that will enhance your home or office with thoughtful design and calming indirect light. Please take a look around to see examples of my distinctive style and let me know if you are interested in purchasing my work or a custom commission. I look forward to the opportunity to be able to share my art/furniture with the world. As a freelance artist I am always looking to be part of a new and exciting project.


Thanks for viewing.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at


Jonathan P. Leck

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